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Medicine pouch

Medicine pouch

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Imprint of nature on wool, the story of a medicine pouch.

In the beginning the hunt for pre-loved 100% wool blankets is a never ending search.

With pots bubbling on the fire place, blankets cut into sections, wrapped up with leaves, ferns and flowers collected from places explored, I wait…. 

I gather leaves, picking each individually for its shape or texture. Some perfect, while others show the cycle of life, chunks missing, curled, bitten or with lumps and bumps. Each one will leave its own unique imprint, a story only they can tell.

I wait…. as the pot continues to boil, I weave, I cook, I read, occupying my mind, calming my thoughts as I wait with anticipation of what will unfold. Waiting is the hardest part. 

Exploring this method and technique has been intense at times, having been disappointed on many occasions. All the time spent collecting, wrapping and waiting only to find at times a plain and undyed piece of fabric.

Washed, dried and ironed these pieces of unique natural woolen prints are then designed and sewn with intent, with a raw and uncontained sewing technique. Matching the unique patterns and textures of the dyed blanket. 

I make a little medicine pouch with the beautiful left over section of material that has been cut from other pieces to create journals and blankets; finished with a merino hand spun cordage to hang around your neck. 

Over time it may fade, grow holes, it will grow with you. These individual little bags tell their own story on the outside. May they hold your pieces safe and sacred on the inside.

This little bag has been machine stitched, finished with hand stitching and little brass beads and an avocado seed button. 

These bags are perfect for holding little stones or herbal concoctions. Or use under your pillow full of lavender for a peaceful sleep. 

Size: 6cm x 7.5cm


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