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Myrtle Stir

Myrtle Stir

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Every time I return to Tasmania I am excited to experiment with wood. My father is a woodturner/ craftsman and always has bits and pieces left over from his work.
This cup has been created using off cuts destined for the burn pile. 

Who doesn't love a handcrafted spoon. Perfect for scooping things in the kitchen like coffee or sugar.

All my spoons have been hand carved, I have chosen to not fully sand them and keep the facets in the spoon. 

Created using Tasmanian Timber, Myrtle.

Nothofagus cunninghamii, the myrtle beech, is an evergreen tree native to Tasmania and Victoria, Australia. It grows mainly in the temperate rainforests, but also grows in alpine areas. It is not related to the Myrtle family. It is often referred to as Tasmanian myrtle within the timber industry.

28cm and has been finished with Grape seed oil

Created in Tasmania, Australia


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