The Artist

Hello name is Libby, I am a mother, lover and artist
I am of Northern European ancestry, residing on Birpai Land, Port Macquarie NSW Australia.
My work is an extension of me, a connection to my bloodline long before my time, a relationship with the vegetal environment in which hey are made from. 
I adore the journey that each piece takes me on, each stitch a meditation.
Art is how I have been able to express myself in the world, a way to speak without words, to calm my ever busy mind. 
From a young age communication was never my strong suit. I loved to be amongst nature.
Adapting to my surroundings I enjoy creating with what I can gather, grow or trade. 
Wove in is a lovely way for me to explore my passion while helping provide for my young family.
As I create each piece, I have no idea how it will evolve.
There is no set plan or design, just an organic flow.
I only create pieces I love
Each one unique
A little part of my soul to share.