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Every day I weave. Each one will play on my mind until it comes to life.

A combination of loose open weave from twining and tight dense coil weave. It's such a beautiful little basket. The Lomandra base of this basket sat around for quiet awhile. my idea was to make a carry bag but I was still really learning on spacings and the material so it never eventuated further then this. 
While living in Tasmania I really got into coil weaving and using tight stitches, I found this to be a beautiful way to revamp some of my baskets I have put aside. 

Raffia has been hand dyed using onion skins.

This is a great basket for holding some garlic on the kitchen table, jewellery in the bedroom, keys or just to sit and admire. 

Size: 17 cm base, 4.5cm high

Material: Lomandra, Raffia

I recommend not leaving them sitting in full sunshine, if treated with love and respect this basket will last a lifetime. 

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