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There she grew

There she grew

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In the beginning she was a basket made from odds and ends. I didn’t like her. A few years later I wove her top. I loved the change but honestly I still wasn’t in love.

Now she is me. Woven with magic, inspired by nature, rooted in my dreams.

I think she is beautiful. Inspired by the earth as she is now, discarded clothing and rubbish filling our lands, roots continue to grow amongst the shit. Dyed with beautiful gum leaves and iron from my home she gained her earthy glow. Her final adornment was inspired by the ever gorgeous Turkey tail mushroom.

She reminds me that we change; Time is forever moving and we are forever growing.

Size: 28cm x 17cm 

Material: Raffia, roots, washed up plastic, scrap materials

I recommend not leaving them sitting in full sunshine, if treated with love and respect this basket will last a lifetime. 

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